The Death of True Lies

We can really only be liberated of lies when we are able to locate their truthfulness. The most powerful lies contain more truth than less powerful lies. Your experience probably affirms this. Here are some examples.

#1: You are not worthy of God’s love. This is true, but it implies that you are beyond the reach of God’s love. You are not. In Christ you are loved by God beyond all imagination. Your worthiness is not located in you but in him. As I once heard said (or somewhere it is written?), “God does not love you because you are valuable. You are valuable because God loves you.”

#2: You are a mess and not a masterpiece. This is true, but only from a human perspective. God calls you his workmanship (Ephesians 2:10). He’s a master craftsman. He created you to display his glory through you. This was his plan before the creation of the world, before he saved you, before whatever events have caused you to doubt this. He has good works he created you to do that he planned before creation. Don’t let true lies keep you from doing what God created you for.

#3: You are your struggle. This is true only if God doesn’t exist. But if God does exist your struggle is not the core of your identity. He sets the core of your identity. In Christ, you are saved by grace, loved by God, and seated with him in the heavenly places. Don’t let your struggles blind you to who God says you really are.

#4: Your situation is hopeless. This is true apart from Christ. But in Christ, nothing is impossible to God (Luke 1:37). Christ is the embodiment of hope. If you are in him there is no shortage of hope regardless of how hopeless you might feel. Trust him.

#5: Your faith is not strong enough to get you through. This is true in the sense that if your salvation hinges on the strength of your faith then you are in a lot of trouble. But the Bible shows a different picture: you are not saved because of the strength of your faith but because of the object of your faith. Read Hebrews 11, the hall of faith, and you will see a lot of weak people who God used greatly. When you get to Hebrews 12 you find the words, “looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2). Don’t focus on your weakness. Focus on Jesus. He will get you through.

The truth of the gospel flips all of the things that were true of us apart from Christ. Before we met Jesus we were without God, without Christ, and without hope. But in Jesus we have been brought near to God. We have been liberated from the true lies that once enslaved us. Our reality has been reversed.

May God give us eyes to see, minds to understand, and hearts to comprehend how these true lies are undone in Jesus.