Join Me for a Study of the Christian Worldview & Apologetics

Are you interested in studying the apologetics of C.S. Lewis, the cultural insights of Francis Schaeffer, or the redemptive themes that permeate our movies and art? Join me for a study of worldview and apologetics for a fraction of the price that you would pay for a college or seminary class. I’m leading a cohort of twelve persons through a six month study for Tailored Coaching.

In this program you will have access to a private web program where you will interact with others in the group online to discuss assigned content. Trust me, the preparation will not be overwhelming and will be more based on your interest level and time availability. There are no quizzes or exams! This is about your development as a leader not about getting a grade.

Once a month you will join me online for a two hour teaching and Q&A session. I will also spend an hour with each participant during the program one-on-one in a session tailored to your interests and context. We will find a time that is convenient for both parties. I will ask for a set of topics that you would like for me to be prepared to discuss.

The program is available for growing Christian leaders, communicators, and pastors. The group size is limited to twelve participants. Whether you are a homeschool mom, a Christian school administrator, a small group Bible study leader, or a local church pastor, this was designed with you in mind.

Applications must be turned in by April 19th. All those accepted into the program will be notified on April 20th and sent detailed instructions for our first meeting which will take place the following week. Heres’ a FAQ page at Tailored Coaching that you might find helpful.

Our monthly meetings will be from 4-6PM EST, on Tuesdays: April 24, May 15, June 5, July, 17, August 7, September 4. You can apply by clicking here.