One Friday, Long Ago

ETER let Jesus down a lot. To be fair, all the disciples ran away the night Jesus was arrested (Matthew 26:31). They all failed. But Peter was exceptional. He was an even bigger failure than the rest. Three times he said he didn’t know Jesus. That was one dark night for everyone. Especially for Peter.

My children’s book “The Friend Who Forgives” centers around the events in Peter’s life on Good Friday. Peter went from facing down a mob of soldiers with a single sword to cowardly telling a young girl he wasn’t one of Jesus’s disciples. It’s amazing how sin will quickly sap what little courage and wisdom we posses.

After the rooster crowed, Peter ran off and wept. My favorite line from the book is “But Peter didn’t stay sad because Jesus didn’t stay dead.” After the resurrection, Jesus went looking for Peter. He didn’t find him to scold him. Jesus made him breakfast. And since Peter said he didn’t know Jesus three times, Jesus gave him three opportunities to say, “I love you, Jesus.”

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite spreads from the book for Good Friday. The video posted below is a sermon I gave on the topic of Peter’s restoration, in which I read the book in its entirety to the student body at Cedarville. Happy Easter!