Why God? Big Answers About God & Why We Believe in Him

UMDINGERS are questions with extra-hard-to-find answers. In my new children’s book that releases today, I discuss humdingers, mice with wings, and how the world points to God. Why God? is illustrated by the ever talented Christine Grove and is published by B&H Kids.

The world-celebrated-atheist Richard Dawkins inspired me to write for children. When I heard Dawkins describe his desire to write for children to explain why they shouldn’t believe in God, I set out to write some stories of my own for my kids. The result was a series of five novellas called The Owlings (two of which are now available).

Since that time I’ve had the tremendous privilege of publishing some Christian living titles for adults on topics of apologetics and theology. But it is always a bit of a guilty pleasure for this accidental academic to have the opportunity to put a text book down and work on something for younger readers. That’s why I so enjoyed recently writing a kids’ book on Peter called The Friend Who Forgives.

And I’m thrilled to announce the release of my new book Why God?, which introduces children to simple apologetics arguments and points them to the Bible to find answers. There’s a parent guide in the back as well, to help parents get the most out of it. I hope you enjoy it and that it’s helpful discipleship tool!