What’s Your Voice for Sharing the Faith

INDING your voice is a common expression in the publishing world. It’s important for an author to both discover and decide their tone and style of writing. But when it comes to sharing the faith, which voice works best?

The Megaphone: The megaphone evangelist is all about hitting as many people as possible. They do what they have to do in order to draw a crowd. They never lower the megaphone. Their volume level is the same for everyone, far or near.

The Drive-Through Speaker: The drive through evangelist is unclear. Theirs is a garbled message. People end up shaking their head with no idea of what is being communicated.

Intercom: The intercom evangelist only ever shares with insiders. They are communicating the gospel, for sure,  just not with people who are far from God. And while it is important to daily rehearse the gospel for ourselves, that’s as far as the intercom evangelist ever gets.

Monologue: The monologue evangelist is great at communicating the gospel where there is some form of organized event with participants who expect a formal presentation. If it’s a wedding, a funeral, or a church service, you can count on them to give a winsome presentation of the faith.

Dialogue: The dialogue evangelist has built intentional relationships with persons who are far from God. They aren’t shouting. Their message is clear. They’re not just talking to insiders. They’re comfortable sharing the gospel one on one. They are in authentic community with people who have yet to believe. And they’re close enough to speak in a whisper if needed.

What’s your voice for sharing Jesus?