Should We Pray or Sanitize?

person holding blue and white pump bottle

OMEONE wise once said, “Pray like it’s up to you. Work like it’s up to God.” This is a fitting Christian philosophy. That’s why in a time of a crisis when medical experts and scientists are hustling to find solutions, it was entirely appropriate for Christians to participate in the national day of prayer called by President Trump for Sunday, March 15th. These activities were not, are not, mutually exclusive.

That doesn’t mean prayer is a universally welcomed response. In 2011 the atheist organization Freedom From Religion Foundation challenged a national day of prayer as unconstitutional. A judge initially ruled in their favor. The decision, however, was overturned by a federal appeals panel.

Christians can care about medicine and science and still put their ultimate trust in God’s sovereign provision. Should you pray or sanitize? Yes. Do both. But know that our times are in the Lord’s hands. This is true for the coronavirus pandemic and it’s true for everything else we face in life.

We should work like it’s up to us. We should pray like it’s up to God. Because it is. Thank God it is.

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