Summer Time

OTHING makes me feel like the summer season is officially upon us than listening to Will Smith’s “Summertime” while firing up the grill. Every year about this time, following the spring commencement service, I turn my attention away from academics and onto other projects. My summers are usually filled with speaking at youth camps, working on writing projects, and family vacation.

Like most summers, I will focus on projects other than keeping the blog updated. I’ll still do the Weekend Worldview Reader which I will discuss every other week on Friday mornings on My Faith radio with Carmen LaBerge. For anyone who might be interested, I plan to do a weekly reading of one of the books I’ve made for my kids. I have a small stack of them now from birthday books about otters and roly polies to stories about dragons and orthodoxy. I’ll do my first reading tomorrow about “The Night the Wild Things Came Out to Play.”