If Marvel Can, Why Can’t We?

The Marvel Comics Universe (MCU) continues to expand in fascinating ways. I’ve really enjoyed the most recent series with actors Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. The ethnic diversity of the starring duo plays out in powerful ways in the script as well. Here’s a trailer for the final episode of this season (mild language warning).

From their recent movies and shows, it’s clear MCU has intentionally emphasized diversity and equality. In Falcon and Winter Soldier, the conversation around race in America takes a far more serious turn when the Falcon expresses mixed feelings about taking on Captain America’s shield. Amidst all the action, the show’s writers have added in sensitive conversations about complication racial issues.

If MCU can tackle topics of such a sensitive nature situated between epic fight scenes and classic one-liners, maybe Christians can do the same—without the epic fight scenes of course. I would imagine there will be some who don’t appreciate the dialogue on racial tension and America’s past. It’s easier to avoid painful conversations than to face the reality of our nation’s history or the controversy surrounding our present. But if MCU can do it, why can’t we?

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but one thing is clear from Scripture—racism in any form is contrary to the gospel. We need not take on some conspiratorial philosophical system, as some might allege, in order to care about these real issues. We can’t pass the buck that easily, as hard as some might try. Neither should we think silence, ignorance, avoidance, or mere public relation strategies will fix anything.

We’re called into one body, to unity, to brotherhood and sisterhood in the gospel. That means we have to enter into some hard conversations in the context of loving and trusting relationships. We won’t always get it right, I’m certain of that. But we’ve let others lead the way far too long. Let’s be the Church, shall we?