Mere Caffeination Episodes 5 & 6 With Ameen Hudson

Ameen Hudson is a writer and speaker who focuses on the intersection of theology, art, and culture. He’s also the co-host of the Southside Rabbi podcast that he does with rap artist KB. He and his wife are members of Living Faith Bible Fellowship in Tampa, Florida. He joined me for episodes five and six of Mere Caffeination. We talk Christian hip hop, developing a winsome witness, and what meal he would choose if it was the only one he could eat for the rest of his life.

In episode five, we look at how C.S. Lewis found his voice after a speaking at Royal Air Force base that he felt he bombed. Lewis shows his hand regarding his view of adolescence as seen through the eyes of Screwtape. In episode six we look at the cigar smoking, monocle wearing, young lady who bested C.S. Lewis in a public debate and what that has to do with Lewis’s demons. You can stream them both, along with earlier episodes, here.