Living Water Breakout Session


Breakout Sessions (3:45 – 4:45PM)

J.R. Gilhooly: What is my body? (Room: 104)
(A biblical explanation of how we should view our bodies and what it means to be human)
Josh Kira: How to Share the Gospel in a Morally Confused World (Room: 115)
(An encouraging session on how to explain and apply the gospel in contemporary culture).
Erin Shaw: Sisters, Not Competitors: Friendship as an Apologetic to a Sexually Broken World (Room: 103)
(This session is for women to consider the hope, help, and healing that is available in Christian community and friendships.)
Mindy May: Biblical Sexual Ethics in a Sexually Fluid World (Room: 101)
(This session will look at sexual fluidity in light of the Bible as a fixed point for sexual ethics.)
Greg Couser: The Apostle Paul’s Vision for Sexual Intimacy (Room: 102)
(This session will focus on the Apostle Paul’s explanation of sexual intimacy in 1 Corinthians 6).