Speaking Request

I’m always honored to be invited to speak at conferences, retreats, youth camps, and local church services.

If you would like to discuss an opportunity, please send an email with the following details to this email

1.) Dates for the event.

2.) Location of event.

3.) Projected attendance for the event.

4.) Number of times to speak/teach.

5.) Lodging accommodations (hotel, retreat center, et cetera)

6.) Attire for the event.

7.) If other speakers or musical artists will be a part of the program please include this information with the request.

8.) Theme of event/topic you would like me to speak on.

9.) I do not have a set honorarium amount, but I want to steward my time well so the financial impact will be considered. Please include these details with the request.

Some things to consider when sending a request:

1.) Due to our family’s commitment to our local church we limit the number of weekends we will travel per month.

2.) I ask that host churches/organizations cover travel & lodging expenses. If I’m flying to your event, my expenses will include mileage to and from the Columbus airport (a little over an hour away) and airport parking during your event. If I need to get a rental car at the airport, I will communicate that up front.

3.)  After the event, I will send an invoice with an itemized list of additional expenses (including mileage to and from airport and airport parking if I’m flying). If I’m driving directly to your event, this will include the government rate per mile for the round trip, hotel cost (if not already covered by event), and meals during travel. Some events provide a “travel per diem” instead of an itemized invoice and I’m happy to negotiate that up front. If I need to get a rental to drive to your event, I let you know in advance.

4.) I prefer to book my own travel & lodging and get reimbursed if possible. When traveling with my family I generally stay, when possible, at Residence Inn in order to get a suite that can accommodate all six of us.

5.) If requested, I can bring copies of my books to make available. If I have books at your event please make sure to mention this in your introduction. It may be helpful for you to bring attention to this a couple different times throughout the conference. It is expensive to travel with books, especially when flying, so your help in promoting them, should they be made available, is most helpful.

6.) My summer speaking schedule generally fills up over a year in advance; fall and spring aren’t scheduled as far in advance.

Speaker’s Bio

Daniel DeWitt (PhD, Southern Seminary) serves as a Senior Fellow at Southwest Baptist University where he leads the Center for Faith and Culture. Daniel and his wife April have four children: Isaiah, Micah, Josiah, and Addilynn Joy. Daniel is the author of multiple books and posts regularly on his blog theolatte.com.

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