Five Years of Commencement Charges

It’s the ten minutes I spend a year thinking about. Every year at the Boyce commencement I have the distinct honor of sharing the platform with Dr. Mohler as we deliver back to back addresses to charge graduates. I generally ponder the question of what I will share throughout the year as it comes to mind. Typically in the early spring I will have a sense of the theme I want to develop and then a couple weeks prior to graduation I will write out my manuscript.

My first year as dean I shared from Titus on “Two Truths to Frame Your Ministry.” I charged students in my second year with “As You Go, Don’t Leave.” The title of my third address was influenced by a G.K. Chesterton novel “The Ball & the Cross.” In 2015 my title was a question, “What Will Define You?” This year, for my final address, I focused on the three rhetorical questions found at the end of Romans 11. Here’s the video: