Your Weekend Worldview Reader

Here’s your weekend worldview reader with links to articles, essays, reviews, and videos that I consider to be interesting or important from a biblical worldview perspective. Any work that I point to is not an endorsement, but rather an invitation for you to think deeply about your faith and the world around you.





⊕  The Liberal Blind Spot

⊕  Reality Used to be a Friend of Mine


⊕  Gandalf, Job, and the Indignant Love of God, Gospel Coalition (Derek Rishmawy)

  Four Self-Refuting Statements Heard on College Campuses Across America, Cold Case Christianity (J. Warner Wallace)

  The Wonder of Waking Up to an Ordinary Day, Gospel Coalition (Trevin Wax)

  Imagining Elfland, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (Jill Carattini)

  Why Christians Care About Economics, Desiring God (Dale Arand)


  Medieval Wisdom for Modern Christians: Finding Authentic Faith in a Forgotten Age with C. S. Lewis, Chris Armstrong

  They Were Christians: The Inspiring Faith of Men and Women Who Changed the World, Cristóbal Krusen