The Dragon in the Dumps

Every Christmas I publish a dragon book for my kids. This year with our move to Ohio, a writing project due, and still trying to establish productive work rhythms, I didn’t get a dragon story together in time. So I decided to make them one for Valentine’s Day. I gave it to them this morning at breakfast.

This all started with a drain in the Josephus Bowl at Southern Seminary. When the twins were little I told them a dragon named James lived in the hole. They would feed him grass through the slats in the drain. You can read about the first story here.

With our recent move it seemed appropriate to make this a letter from James the Dragon to the children he misses, who once called his name and fed him grass through his grated hole. I thought I would share this online as well, so below is the text and a pdf. Happy Valentine’s Day.

“The Dragon in the Dumps”

Where are the twin boys,
Who once called my name?

Where is little Josiah
Who fed me grass to graze?

Where’s my pretty princess,
Who sang me her song?

Where have they went?
Where have they all gone?

To start another story,
They have moved,
A new chapter,
In new soil, it will bloom.

I wish them well
But miss them still
As I have, I always will

Until again they lay
Beside my grated hole
Or beneath my shadow
In the Josephus Bowl

I will wait in patience
For them to call my name
I will always be theirs,
James, the Dragon in the Drain

For now, may they grow,
With every step they take
On their new campus of
The Dragon in the Lake

Persequendum Est