Your Weekend Worldview Reader

Here’s your Weekend Worldview Reader with links to articles, essays, reviews, and videos that I consider to be interesting or important from a biblical worldview perspective. Any work that I point to is not an endorsement, but rather an invitation for you to think deeply about your faith and the world around you.



⊕  Your Kids Need to Think Critically About the Resurrection (Natasha Crain,

⊕  A Father Bids Farewell to Twin Toddlers After Syria Attack (Sarah El Deeb, Associated Press)   

⊕  They Can Hit 400-Foot Homers, But Playing Catch? That’s Tricky (Bill Pennington, The New York Times)

⊕  On Passover, Rice Might Be Nice (Jeffrey Salkin, Religion News Service)

⊕  How the GOP Could Use Science’s Reform Movement Against It (Ed Yong, The Atlantic)

⊕  Can You Be Disillusioned and Be a Christian (Leah Baugh, CCC Discover)


⊕  The Forgotten Jesus: How Western Christians Should Follow An Eastern Rabbi by Robby Gallaty (Zondervan, 2017)