Wreck It Ralph On Friendships & Insecurity

We cancelled Thanksgiving this year. When my daughter got sick on Wednesday evening we knew we’d likely be making a hospital run, due to her genetic condition. To be totally honest, it ended up being a pretty fun daddy-daughter sleepover at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for Thanksgiving Day and night.

When we got back on Friday, I took the boys out for the evening. We started with a big meal (to make up for all the calories we missed out on from our neglected turkey feast). We ended by watching the new Wreck- It-Ralph movie. It was really good. We all enjoyed it and I’d recommend it. If you were comfortable with Toy Story 3, this would be similar in terms of audience appropriate storyline and humor.

This sequel has Ralph and Vanellope exploring the World Wide Web when the owner of their little arcade connects a WIFI router. In addition to tearing stuff up, Ralph learns some hard lessons about the limits of friendships and the depth of his own security. There’s some good take away lessons for all of his in this one, if you’re not above being affected by an animated film.

Parents, I think there are a few really good talking points for your kids after show. First, use the theme of the movie, along with a hand full of scenes from the film, to talk about the dangers of the internet. Second, and more specific to the plot, talk about the nature of friendship from a biblical perspective. Finally, ask your child about some of their insecurities and ways they fear being rejected by their friends. This would be a good point to transition to talking about how Jesus is a friend who will never leave us.

Get some popcorn. Enjoy the film. Use every teachable moment.