Your Weekend Worldview Reader

ERE’S Your Weekend Worldview Reader with links to articles, essays, reviews, & videos I consider to be interesting or important from a biblical worldview. Join me on the first & third Friday every month as I discuss topics from the post with Carmen LaBerge on My Faith Radio around 7:40AM (EST).



⊕  Picket Fences & Trip Wires

  Video: C.S. Lewis On Making Sense of the Human Experience


⊕  Five Areas of Science That Pose Problems for Evolution (Justin Taylor, The Gospel Coalition)

  The Church’s Real Political Correctness Problem (David French, The Dispatch)

  What Do “Fine-Tuning” and the “Multiverse” Say About God (BioLogos)

  Justice Department Announces Nationwide Arrests of Members of Neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Group (Alexander Mallin and Luke Barr, ABC)

  Eight Reasons Youth Pastors Should Attend Seminary (Tim Gough, The Gospel Coalition)

  No, Not Sanders, Not Ever (David Brooks, The New York Times)

  Christian Political Scientists Didn’t Vote for Trump in 2016. Will 2020 Be Different? (Daniel Bennett, Religion in Public)

 Engaging a Viral Video With N.T. Wright About Women in Ministry (Denny Burk, CBMW)

  25 Black Theologians Who Have Grown Our Faith (Kate Shellnutt, Christianity Today)

  The Future of Christianity in Europe (Alessandra Bocchi, First Things)

  Ethiopian Christians Endure Persecution (Alemayehu Desta, Providence)

 Girl With Down’s Syndrome Becomes Model After Doctors Told Mum to Give Her Away (Punteha Van Terhayden, Mirror)




Christobiography: Memory, History, and the Reliability of the Gospels by Craig Keener (Eerdman’s, 2019)