Why God? Featured by Focus on the Family

ELL, I never set out to make children’s books. I am uber-thankful to get the opportunity and super-humbled that anyone wants to read them to their kids. Hearing stories about how families have used some of what I’ve written really is one of my professional highlights.

I recently learned that Focus on the Family included my last children’s book Why God? with their top ten recommendations of family friendly picture books from 2019. Pardon the drama-drama, but I never thought a book of mine would get included with Llama, Llama!

Another cool and very unexpected thing with these kids books has been their use in other languages. Why God? is currently being translated into German. The Friend Who Forgives is now available in seven different languages. While they have yet to put it in Pig Latin, which is, as most know, my specialty, it is available in Greek (which I don’t know well enough to read — don’t tell my seminary profs).

So, if you’ve every used one of my kids books with your family, thank you. It’s such an honor to get to contribute just a little bit to your child’s thinking about God! We all come to the Father through child-like faith.

My next kids book is about the big battle of light and darkness in the Bible. You can check it out here.