When a Diamond in Your Head Doesn’t Increase Your Self-Worth

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The rapper Lil Uzi Vert chose to have a twenty-four million dollar diamond implanted in his forehead. Everywhere he goes, he is not only carrying, but displaying, a multi-million dollar jewel. No wonder one of his most recent social media updates is that he cannot trust anyone.

My youngest, crawled up in to bed with me and April early this morning. He saw a link to this story and asked me how much the “man who put a diamond into his head” is worth now. I told him, “Not a penny more than he was worth before he put the diamond in his head.”

The man whose birth name is Symere Bysil Woods, is an invaluable image bearer of God, someone for whom Christ died. His worth is far greater than any nonhuman material thing, diamonds included. For anyone who wants to increase their self-worth, they should begin by increasing their knowledge of God to propoerly understand just how much he cares for them—diamond in their forehead or not.