He Gets Us

You may have seen the new campaign featured recently by Christianity Today called “He Gets Us.” It’s a movement to reach those on the outs with organized religion. If you haven’t noticed, that’s a rapidly growing number here in America, what researchers call the “nones,” those with no religious affiliation. The campaign sets the sacrificial love of Jesus against the cold indifference, apathy, and cruelness of some who claim to be leading in His name.

On their website, they write:

Given today’s increasingly divisive and mean-spirited world, we’re all seeking something better.

What if Jesus is the example we’re searching for?
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Jesus’ radical compassion stands in stark contrast to all current hate and intolerance.

Which is why his teachings, the way he lived, and what he stood for, still provide such inspiration today.

Why is this campaign needed? Because it can be hard to see the real Jesus of the Bible through the fog of cultural Christianity. For many who have been burned by their experience in church, who have been devastated and hurt by other Christians, who are tortured by their poor decisions, this movement points us to the founder of our faith. If that resonates with you, or makes you think of someone you love, you might check out this new campaign for a fresh reminder of the radical love of God in Christ. He gets us.