Your Weekend Worldview Reader

Here’s your weekend worldview reader with links to articles, essays, reviews, and videos that I consider to be interesting or important from a biblical worldview perspective. Any work that I point to is not an endorsement, but rather an invitation for you to think deeply about your faith and the world around you.

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⊕  The Skeptic’s Guide to C.S. Lewis

⊕  Our Next Chapter

⊕  (Re:post “The Gospel & Race: A Conversation with Flame“)


⊕  How J.R.R. Tolkien Found Mordor on the Western Front, New York Times (Joseph Loconte)

  How ‘dad deprivation’ could be eroding modern society, The Telegraph (Martin Daubney)

  5 Reasons Why Teenagers Need Theology, The Gospel Coalition (Jaquelle Crowe)

  Social Media is Not the Real Problem. Rooted (Kristen Hatton)

  Seven political lessons from C.S. Lewis, Columbia Daily Tribune (Justin Dyer)


⊕  God is No Thing: Coherent Christianity, Rupert Shortt

  Review: The Telegraph

  Good Faith: Being a Christian When Society Thinks You’re Irrelevant and Extreme, Dan Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons

  Review: Gospel Coalition