Your Weekend Worldview Reader

Here’s your weekend worldview reader with links to articles, essays, reviews, and videos that I consider to be interesting or important from a biblical worldview perspective. Any work that I point to is not an endorsement, but rather an invitation for you to think deeply about your faith and the world around you.




⊕  Don’t Put Lipstick on the Pig

⊕  Doodling the Future (or “On letting our kids be creative)

⊕  Sketch: “God is Dead


⊕  Sho Baraka: Why I Can’t Vote for Either Trump or Clinton (Sho Baraka, Christianity Today)

⊕  Life Isn’t Fair: So Why Do People Behave Like It Is? (Matthew Hutson, The Atlantic)

⊕  Reconciling the Conflicting Aims of Church and State (Stephen Erlanger, The New York Times)

⊕  The True Atheism Myth (Jordan Bissell, Touchstone Magazine)

⊕  What’s So Un-Islamic about ISIS? (Ayman S. Ibrahim, The American Thinker)

⊕  The American Church’s Real Enemy (Aaron Earls, The Wardrobe Door)


⊕  The Pigeon Tunnel: Stories from My Life (John le Carré)

∴  Review: New York Times Book Review