The Wild Contest

My new book Life in the Wild comes out at the beginning of February with The Good Book Company. If you can get creative in helping us promote it, you can win a $500 shopping spree in their bookstore and win a copy of my sketches of Spurgeon, Luther, Chesterton, and C.S. Lewis. Here are the details.

The last chapter of my book is a spoken word poem I wrote called “Death’s Obituary.” I’ll include the text below. Creatively present the poem in any way you want. You can perform it, you can sketch it, design it, sing it, rap it, tap dance to it, clog . . . whatever you want. It can be a video or a digital image or digital flip book or about anything you can share online. Whatever your medium or genre of choice, you just need to be able to share it on social media and tag me (@dandewitt) and the publisher (@thegoodbookusa), mention the book title “Life in the Wild,” and include a link to the book on Amazon.

Here’s an example of how you might share: “Hey guys, check out my presentation (include link to your presentation) of ‘Death’s Obituary’ from @dandewitt’s @thegoodbookusa book “Life in the Wild” (). Retweet to help me win!”

The winner will be announced on Monday, February 19th. The winner will be selected by me and the publisher based on creativity and impact. Having a lot of people share your post (Retweets, likes and shares) will help but won’t be the deciding factor. The winner will receive a credit to go on a shopping spree at The Good Book Company and I will send you five signed sketches of some of my favorite Christian theologians and authors. Here’s one of them:

So, get creative and share your presentation with us and the world! And without further ado, here’s my poem about the day Death knocked on the wrong door:

“Death’s Obituary”

Death follows hard after breathing beings
He’s not stopping ’til he freeze your feelings,
Or seize your nerves and leave you reeling

This is no joke: you’ve been told before
It’s too late when he’s knocking at your door

But the Devil’s surprise, can’t believe his eyes,
The hinges whine, he discovers his prize

Before him stands, an Innocent Lamb
Nailed him down, crucified I Am

Buried him deep then locked the door
Threw away the keys, but please, there’s more
What God had in store,
Sent Death through the floor

High King of Calvary, the prisoners set free,
Though slain, now raised, claiming victory


And now we read: Death’s Obituary