Your Weekend Worldview Reader


Here’s Your Weekend Worldview Reader with links to articles, essays, reviews, & videos I consider to be interesting or important from a biblical worldview. Join me on the first & third Friday every month as I discuss topics from the post with Carmen LaBerge on My Faith Radio around 7:40AM (EST).






⊕  Three Witnesses of Rembrandt’s Painting 

⊕  Slides From My Cedarville Talk on “Five Reasons I Believe the Bible” and Video

⊕  Thanks Be to God: Martyrs and Bible Translation in AD 180

⊕  How Your Wish List Is Pointing to God


⊕  Is America a Christian Nation? Pastors at Odds About Fusion of Faith and Politics (CBS News)

⊕  Pivoting to Surrender: A Warning to All Christians (Albert Mohler)

⊕  The FAQs: What Christians Should Know About the Equality Act (Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition)

⊕  Cultivating a Winsome Christian Witness in a Divided World (Conversation with Erika Harrold)

⊕  White Nationalists Are Once Again Using Christian Symbols to Spread Hate (Trevor Hughes, USA Today)

⊕ Disney Pixar’s Soul: How the Moviemakers Took Plato’s View of Existence and Added a Modern Twist (Lydia Shumacher and Johannes Zachhuber, The Conversation)

⊕  This Black Hole Probably Shouldn’t Exist (Morina Koren,The Atlantic)





Carved in Ebony: Lessons from the Black Women Who Shape Us by Jasmine L. Holmes (Bethany House, 2021)