Your Weekend Worldview Reader


Here’s Your Weekend Worldview Reader with links to articles, essays, reviews, & videos I consider to be interesting or important from a biblical worldview. Join me on the first & third Friday every month as I discuss topics from the post with Carmen LaBerge on My Faith Radio around 7:40AM (EST).





⊕  House Rules (Part One)

⊕  House Rules (Part Two)


⊕  Don’t Believe in Systemic Racism? Let’s Talk About the Sexual Revolution. (Karen Swallow Prior, The Washington Post)

⊕  Looking for God After Surfside Collapse (Josh Ceballos, Miami New Times)

⊕  Is God Really on the Throne During Revolutions and Collapsed Buildings? (John Stonestreet, Breakpoint)

⊕  Lost Friendships Break Hearts and Nations (David French, The Dispatch)

⊕  The State of American Friendship: Change, Challenges, and Loss (Daniel A. Cox, American Survey Center)


Finding the Right Hills to Die On: The Case for Theological Triage (The Gospel Coalition) by [Gavin Ortlund, D. A. Carson]




Finding the Right Hills to Die On by Gavin Ortlund (Crossway, 2020)