A Conversation With Humility and Grace

two person standing near glass building during night time

What would it look like if humility and grace sat down for a chat? Author Jason Gay gives life to a fictional conversation between the two virtues. It’s a short read in this previous weekend’s Wall Street Journal that’s worth your time.

“It’s been a tough bunch of years,” Humility says. Grace responds, “Not a lot of us out there in the world.” The two survey a sad appraisal of the declining pockets of decent people in the world who seem overshadowed by other allegorical characters like Zero Self-Awareness, Self-Interest, Smugness, and Sanctimoniousness.

Things often strike us as either funny or profound because they immediately resonate with lived experience. They open a window into reality offering words for opinions and feelings yet unspoken. This two minute read is like a stick of dynamite. Hopefully it will leave a mark.

Humility and Grace end the conversation with encouragement to persevere. “I would say: Stay Humble,” Grace says. “Absolutely. And have a little Grace,” responds Humility. In our cynical social age, this is not only advice to be heeded, but a dialogue to be heard on daily repeat. Let’s continue the conversation.