Brewing Something New

black and white coffee cup

In my new role as a Senior Fellow at Southwest Baptist University, I’m finding creative ways to connect with students while away from campus. I fly to Missouri once a month to speak in chapel, participate in several meetings, and host an evening seminar for the Center for Worldview and Culture. But I wanted to explore some additional avenues to invest in students in between visits to campus.

While the names aren’t new to me, the programs are. I’m kicking off a weekly teaching and Q&A livestream I’m calling “Theolatte Live.” This is a 40ish minute streaming program where each semester I’ll work through a book related to theology and philosophy and respond to questions sent in via email. This school semester I’ll cover highlights from R.C. Sproul’s book The Consequences of Ideas: Understanding the Concepts that Shaped Our World. Listeners can send questions to You can stream the program starting this Friday at 10AM (CST) on YouTube.

The Center for Worldview and Culture will also publish a podcast not surprisingly called “Mere Caffeination.” Mere Caffeination is an Inklings-inspired podcast about cultivating a winsome Christian witness with clarity, creativity, and kindness. I’ll interview guests and hit highlights from the writings of those beloved Inklings authors. This season I’m going to cover C.S. Lewis’s famous Screwtape Letters. The first episode will go live at the beginning of October.

Whether you’re a college student or not, you’re invited to this digital cafĂ©/classroom mashup. Pull up a chair. Pour yourself a fresh mug of your favorite caffeinated beverage and join us online to talk about what’s going on in the world of worldview. Refills are always free.