Tolkien, a Cave, and a Lost Manuscript

C.S. Lewis dedicated the Screwtape Letters to his good friend J.R.R. Tolkien, beloved author of the Middle Earth stories. But did Tolkien even like the Screwtape Letters? Unrelated, what was the cave where Tolkien and Lewis’s spent so much time together? Were these two authors into spelunking? And why didn’t Tolkien’s wife let him hang out at C.S. Lewis’s house? Is that why C.S. Lewis and Tolkien weren’t very close at the end of Lewis’s life?

We’ll talk about their unique friendship in this episode as we consider some introductory topics related to the Screwtape Letters including the question, “Did C.S. Lewis believe in the Devil?” Oh, and we’ll get back to our guest Sam Allberry for the second and final part of our interview to hear what he has to say about whether pastors should be fired for being jerks on social media.

We’ve packed all that into this coffee-infused second episode of Mere Caffeination.