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Here’s Your Worldview Reader with links to articles, essays, reviews, & videos I consider to be interesting or important from a biblical worldview. Join me on the first & third Friday every month as I discuss topics from the post with Carmen LaBerge on My Faith Radio around 7:40AM (EST).


⊕ Theolatte Live

⊕  The Apologetics of Food & Gladness

⊕  Three Undeniable Facts About Jesus


⊕  Nondenominational is Now the Largest Segment of American Protestants (Daneil Silliman, Christianity Today)

⊕  Why Everything in Tech Seems to Be Collapsing at Once: The Industry is Having a Midlife Crisis (Derek Thompson, The Atlantic)

⊕  Earth is Where Matter Meets Purpose (Marcelo Gleiser, The Big Think)

⊕  Election Results 2022 Live: Republicans Win Control of the House (The Wall Street Journal)

⊕  How Getting Burned by Prop 8 Led the LDS Church to Back a Federal Same-Sex Marriage Bill (Bob Smietana, The Salt Lake Tribune)

⊕  What We Know About the 4 Idaho College Students Found Dead in an Off-Campus Home (Phil Helsel and Tim Stelloh, NBC News)




Surprised by Laughter: The Comic World of C.S. Lewis by Terry Lindvall (Thomas Nelson, 2012)