The Bright Light & the Super Scary Darkness

Tomorrow is the big release day for The Bright Light and the Super Scary Darkness. My goal in writing this was for parents and kids to be reminded that the light of the gospel will win in the end. I hope readers are encouraged by the biblical story of Jesus’s victory over all things. No matter how dark life can seem, God’s light will prevail. There can be real challenges in life, but Christians can take heart because no one can take our hope away. The light spoken at creation has brought God’s hope to our lives. I pray that, through this book, readers will catch a memorable vision of the big story of the Bible!

 If you would like to help support this project, here a few things that would be greatly appreciated: 

1. Share a link on your social media accounts to the publisher’s product page for the book:

2. Amazon is currently out of stock of the book (they went quick) and with COVID inventory and shipping issues, it may be a bit before they get restocked. So, it is better to order your copies through the publisher.

3. Write a review on Amazon (even though you might not order through them) once you receive your copy and have a chance to review it.

4. If your church has a resource center or library, encourage them to include the book.

5. Give a copy of the book away!