Your Weekend Worldview Reader

Here’s your weekend worldview reader with links to articles, essays, reviews, and videos that I consider to be interesting or important from a biblical worldview perspective. Any work that I point to is not an endorsement, but rather an invitation for you to think deeply about your faith and the world around you.




⊕  Take Your Small Groups Through a Survey of the Christian Worldview This Summer:

⊕  Worldview at the Zoo

⊕  Happy Chewbacca: Three Reasons We Love This Video


⊕  The Liberal Blind Spot, New York Times (Nicholas Kristof)

⊕  Imagination and Evil, Story Warren (Kathleen Shumate)

⊕  Clinging to Our ‘Roots’, New York Times (Christy Wampole)

⊕  Counter-Culture, Catherine’s Letters (Catherine Morgan)

⊕  The Bible is Unbreakable, Gospel Coalition (Erik Raymond)


⊕  Public Faith in Action: How to Think Carefully, Engage Wisely, and Vote with Integrity, Miroslav Volf and Ryan McAnnally-Linz

⊕  Confident Pluralism: Surviving and Thriving through Deep Difference, John Inazu

∴  Review: First Things