Your Weekend Worldview Reader


Here’s Your Weekend Worldview Reader with links to articles, essays, reviews, & videos I consider to be interesting or important from a biblical worldview. Join me on the first & third Friday every month as I discuss topics from the post with Carmen LaBerge on My Faith Radio around 7:40AM (EST).





⊕  Between a Hamster and a Hard Place

⊕  The Soft Answer

⊕  Our Orphan Hearts

⊕  Human Values are a Faith Commitment


⊕  How Not To Be A Phony: Kierkegaard On The Two Main Ways People Lose Their True Selves (Jonny Thomson, Big Think)

⊕  Why You’re (Probably) Wrong About The Meaning of Life (Lewis Vaughn, Philosophy Now)

⊕  When All Looks Bleak, Hopebuilding Strategies Offer a Lifeline (Kathryn Gordon, Aeon Magazine)

⊕  Christian Nationalism Is One of Trump’s Most Powerful Weapons (Kathrine Stewart, The New York Times)

⊕  Afghanistan Has Become the World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis (Jane Ferguson, The New Yorker)





Faithfully Different: Regaining Biblical Clarity in a Secular Culture by Natasha Crain (Harvest House, 2022)